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On St. Julien 'A'     

A range of beautiful Prunus. All of these listed often flower when just two years old and require little pruning or aftercare.   

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(aka. mume Beni-Chidori) 'The Flight of the Red Plovers'.A striking pink flowered Japanese apricot. The cup shaped flowers appear in Feb-March. Image Prunus 'Beni-Shidon' 11th March


The darkest leaved flowering plum. Purple black leaves and stems. Prolific flowering. Always popular. Medium sized tree. Image Prunus 'Pissardii Nigra' 20th March


A cross between a peach (persica) and an almond (amygdalo). Rich pink flowers. Peach like leaves. Medium sized tree. Image Prunus 'Pollardii' 8th March. Right 14th Oct. Fruits seem edible!


Very prolific flowering . A highly recommended variety with a guaranteed spring show whatever the weather !  Small sized tree. Image Prunus 'Spring Glow' 8th March


The dwarf Russian almond. Pink flowers. A beautiful shrub. Prune back after flowering to enjoy its foliage. Very small shrub like. Small sized tree.Image Prunus 'tenella 'Firehill' 27th April

Prunus 'TRILOBA'

Double rosette like peach pink flowers. Can be grown as a large shrub or a small tree. Small sized tree. Image Prunus 'Triloba' 27th April

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Cotoneaster 'CORNUBIA'

Semi evergreen. Vigorous with the largest red fruits. Small sized tree.


The weeping cotoneaster. Clusters of brilliant red berries. Evergreen. Small sized tree. Image Cotoneaster 'Hybridus Pendulus' 28th December

Cotoneaster 'ROTHSCHILD'

Large clusters of creamy yellow fruits with pale green semi evergreen leaves. Very attractive. Small sized tree. Image Cotoneaster 'Rothschild' 8th September

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Laburnum 'VOSSII'

Familiar chains of yellow, pea like flowers. This cultivar produces few seed pods. Recommended. Always popular. Small sized tree. Image Laburnum 'Vossii' 7th May


This beautiful tree has cone shaped clusters of yellow, pineapple scented flowers in July. The leaf is Laburnum like but downy and grey with silky sheen. Highly Recommended. Small sized tree. Image Cytisus 'Battandieri' 13th June

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The Weeping Willow Leafed Pear. A small, graceful, silver, grey leaved tree. Small sized tree. Images both Pyrus 'salicifolia Pendula' 5th September


Similar to Salicifolia 'Pendula but noticeably larger leaves. Small glossy pears add to the year round appeal. Medium tree. Image right Pyrus 'Silver Sails' 25/8 (fruit) 23/4 (flower)