Information about copyright of the images on this website

All of the content of this website is Paul Jasper -  All rights reserved.

I have been taking photographs of the trees I offer for sale for many years. There are currently 273 photographs (05/10/09) on my website and they are approx 99% my own work and I hold the  copyright for them. They are the result of many hours of interrupted nursery work as over the years I've rushed to fetch my camera countless times just before the light fades or the wind blows or both!

The remaining approx 1% are not available yet. I'll take a picture as soon as I have the opportunity. A tiny amount are sourced elsewhere having made all attempts confirm that they don't infringe someone else's copyright or having gained permission from the owner of the image.


My website customers - You are free to keep a copy for yourself for your own use but please will you include this information with the photo - photo Paul Jasper Images

Retail and Wholesale Nurseries - Please respect my work and do not copy my photographs for use in your own business, This includes internet based or brochure based businesses and any portion of an image by cropping, altering etc. If you do I will require you to remove it immediately and to pay an infringement fee of 50+Vat. It is for you to be sure that the image is copyright free before uploading it.


The whole business of internet copyright is a minefield. A customer sent me a small image in January '09 of a 'Morello' cherry along with an email enquiry. I requested permission to use it to fill in a 'blank' and they were happy to oblige. I reduced this already small image to tiny thumbnail size and used the image while I waited for the chance to take my own.  Seven months later I was contacted by the original photographer of the image who emailed me along with a list of fees and threat of court action for use of their photo. I enquired from my original customer and it transpired that is was not their own after all but they had copied it from a large organisation's website thinking it was permissible as there was no credit or symbol by the photo. The original photographer was able to charge not just myself but the organisation and other nurseries who had used the photo so its important to ascertain the original source of any photos received by email before using them. Remember they may have been copied and the original credit omitted.

Media, Gardening Magazines and any other publications - I would love you to use my images but please contact me to negotiate terms and conditions beforehand. My fee will be fair and reasonable. All fee's, will be quoted depending on the actual image which is of interest/published. I will always require you to position this info - photo Paul Jasper Images  immediately below my photograph. You can see some of my images in the new Grow Your Own Fruit book by Carol Klein.