My trees can be found in many locations - Here are a few well known places... • BBC's Gardeners' World Garden •  Hampton Court •  Queenswood Arboretum •  Newby Hall •  Robert Harts' Forest Garden • Highgrove House •  Hanbury Hall •  Monty Don's Herefordshire garden •  National Trust properties  • Noel Kingsbury garden writer/lecturer •  Schools •  Environmentally friendly cemeteries • NHS Hospitals, and many other formal and less formal, public and private gardens and orchards.


jaspertrees...More kind words from satisfied customers..... 


• Paul loves apple trees and insists that he sells each and every tree as a potential 100-year-old providing generations with fruit (Monty Don)

  • Paul at, has been supplying Westhope Green Burial Ground with trees since 1999. Thank you for your excellent service and the quality of trees supplied. A living testimony. (Andy Bruce)

• We have used for the last four years and have been very pleased with the range and quality of fruit trees he has supplied. All have established well and some have begun fruiting already. (The owners of Robert Harts Forest Garden)

  • Over the past eight years I have bought around 250 fruit trees from five different nurseries and I can say that yours and the few I have bought off another nursery have arrived with the strongest root systems, good looking trees and have all grown on well. (Mr. R.M. Camrose)
  • Great to speak with you and I know your apples are the BEST! All the best Sarah (BBC Producer)
  • Just a quick note to say the fruit trees have arrived safe and well. Excellent looking plants as ever. (Marcus Chilton-Jones 'Curator' of The Dorothy Clive, ex 'Head Gardener' of BBC Gardeners' World (2003-2004)

• Thanks for the very nice trees Paul. I'm hopeful of having another couple of orchards to do in the New Year and obviously you'll be the first to know! (Mr. W.B. Landscaper)


• Very good trees - healthy, vigorous and straight with sound, moist roots. Very well packed - protected the trees 100% during transit. Prompt delivery. Timely, courteous and informative communication. All in all - FAULTLESS. Well done and thanks very much. (Mr. B. Askew)


• Thanks so much for your courteous and helpful service, including packing and sending the trees at short notice. Highly recommended. (Paddington Farm, Glastonbury)


•  I really believe your photography needs its own place, as it is magnificent, and I loved the cherry blossom! (Nikki Gittins Design)

  • The trees arrived in perfect condition,and I was highly delighted with quality of them, very good root system. I wish I had ordered from you before. Thanks (Mr. Les Stothard - Dahlia breeder.)

  • My peach tree is not only flourishing but also producing a bumper crop of sweet perfect peaches,
if it carries on like that next year it will have paid for itself! jaspertrees has a wealth of knowledge, helping you choose the right trees. (Clare Woods, Artist, Herefordshire)


• Just to let you know that my trees arrived safely and on schedule. They were excellently packed and look lovely, with plenty of fibrous roots. I should like to congratulate you on your informative, attractive and clear web site.  I wish I had discovered you sooner! (Mrs. M.B. Somerset)


• I just wanted to say how very happy I am with the trees I bought from you. They are growing just as I had hoped. I am so grateful as our garden is becoming
fruity and gorgeous rather than sadly suburban. Thanks again! (Charlotte Bulley)


• Buying from jaspertrees was more than just buying a few fruit trees. They helped me plan my orchard and suggest different varieties for the local conditions  (Dr. C.Hayward)


• I carefully researched fruit tree nurseries in Herefordshire and chose jaspertrees. I’m delighted I did. For excellent value and excellent service, I do not believe you can do better than Paul. (John Seymour)


• I once lived in a very old farmhouse near here which I bought as a ruin and planted a mixed orchard of 26 trees bought from you. They are all now fine trees which bear lovely fruit. I have since moved but they are nearby so I get to see them regularly. Sounds a bit daft but they are things I am very attached to! (Mr M.A)

• Thanks, they arrived this morning and they look absolutely fabulous! I can't wait to get them into my new border- what lovely specimens. And they were brilliantly wrapped, arriving totally undamaged! I will come back again. (Mr. A. M. Cornwall)

• Tree arrived at 12.15pm. today in mint condition. Now planted and although I gave it a drink it is now raining here so it should be very happy. A professional service and I would recommend you to anybody. Once again thank you. (Mr. H.C. Notts)


• Just a quick note to let you know that the trees arrived this morning. Once again, they arrived in perfect condition. I look forward to continuing to buy more trees off you for many years to come (Mr. N.M. Isle of Barra)

• They came in great shape with no evidence of damage - thanks
for the care in packing & carrying. It's been a pleasure giving you our so modest business, and again thanks for all you did  corresponding etc to help satisfy our need. (Mr. T. Burgess, Kent)


• I am so pleased and I really value your concern and care over the delivery. I would recommend your trees to anyone and I find it inspiring to know how much growing them means to you. I will look after my mine. Many Thanks and Best Wishes. (C. Moyes. Powys)

• We were very impressed with the condition and size of the trees, and the care taken in packing them - they will be planted tomorrow! (Dr. G. Builth Wells)

• Even the 'postie' remarked on how good they looked', Our intention is to order a few trees every year in an attempt to establish some orchards amongst our group of crofters (Mrs H M, Isle of Barra)

• All your other trees are doing better than the locally sourced trees!  We harvested our first Vranja quince last year. What a Whoppa! (Mr. J. S. holiday home in France)

• Many thanks for the russet - it was in the ground and well watered by lunchtime. It Looks a lovely tree and if its half as good as the previous ones we've had from you we will be very happy. Excellent service as ever! Thanks again! (Mrs L. C, Shropshire)


• I enjoyed our chat. I think that I learned more about looking after trees in half an hour than all the books and internet sites I’ve looked at. (Mr R. Gill)

• We have been absolutely delighted with all of your trees - They just seem to be bursting with life and 'raring to go' Thank you (Mrs. H.L. Worcs)

• Thank you very much, Paul, for your very good service. I really appreciate it (H. R. Bakery)

• Thank you for the fantastic trees that you left for me to collect today. The directions were spot on. I was able to get back to Birmingham and plant them all before 3.00pm. I am amazed at how well grown and healthy the trees are. Brilliant! Merry Christmas! (Mr. Davis, Birmingham)


• Just a quick note to say thanks for excellent quality trees. I've just had a batch from another supplier ( varieties you don't grow!!) and whilst their trees are OK there is no comparison between your 1st year trees and theirs! From size through feathering to root system yours are in a different league. (Mr.Wadge, Hfds)


• Many thanks for your excellent service, (Dr R. Kirkup)

• Thanks for dealing with this so swiftly, and for the personal nature of your company's service. (Mr.J. Anderson)

• Last Autumn we bought several new fruit trees from at Leominster. If anybody is looking for a supplier we found them excellent to deal with, really good quality trees that have established very well even with the dry weather. We also bought an ornamental crab called Malus 'Gorgeous' - below is a picture after one season and a close up of the fruit is my avatar - looks like a good choice! (Geoff - Kitchen Garden)


• And thank you very much for the lovely trees we had four years ago which were given to me as a birthday orchard they are most impressive. Many thanks (Carol Griffiths)

• Your updated website looks great. All the fruit trees you supplied for the school orchard in March 2009 are thriving - some are fruiting a little now too. Very pleased indeed. Similarly everything on my father's orchard is coming on nicely as well. (Marcus Chilton-Jones 'Curator' of The Dorothy Clive, ex 'Head Gardener' of BBC Gardeners' World (2003-2004)

• Many thanks. Perfect tree; excellent service! CJS (Mr. Seth, Shropshire)

• Hi Paul, The trees have arrived and I am very pleased with the appearance of all of them. Its hard to believe they are only one and two years old. Looking forward to seeing, and tasting, the fruit. Thank you, (Mr. T W)

• Congratulations on all your photos. It is specially helpful to know the date pictures of fruit and blossom were taken. Many thanks for the superb trees, they are all planted in their new 'orchard'. (Miss D. Haynes)

• I'm extremely pleased with the trees and the service you have given. I shall be back for more!  Mrs. La Bombard, Birmingham.


• I must say it has been a pleasure dealing with jaspertrees you're the only one who responds promptly to any query. (Mrs J.P. Carmarthenshire)

• Thanks very much for such an efficient service. (Mr. Mike D)

• Arrived safely this morning! Thanks, they look great. (Mr. David T)

• Thank you for your excellent service. (Mr G Pratt)

• We looked at a lot of websites looking for a Sunset Apple tree and liked yours the best. (Mrs. M. Pratt)

• Just to say how pleased i am with the trees excellent condition. Thank you, (Mr. M R)

• Thanks very much for a fine specimen and first class service. (Mr. T.F. Bucks)

• Arrived today, beautifully packed and in excellent condition. Many thanks. (Mrs. S. P)


• Just to say how pleased i am with the trees excellent condition. Thank you, (Mr. M R)


• You have a great website! Something very warm and honest about it, Regards, (Mr. A. Samy)


• Paul, Thank you for the beautifully wrapped trees which arrived last week. I have been able to plant them in their prepared places today. (Mrs. J. P.)

"Thank you all for allowing me to reprint some of your kind words"  Paul Jasper