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  A note about the price I charge for my trees -

Trees come in all shapes and sizes and different prices too!

Occasionally I hear 'you can get apple trees for a fiver at Suchandsuch Supermarket' or 'Soandso Nursery or Market sells fruit trees for ten pounds'. This may be true but you are buying something that, if looked after correctly, will feed us for life, probably outlive us all, and leave something for our children and posterity. Trees that seem  a bargain at the time are more than likely to be surplus secondary quality stock, your tree picked from an open bundle on the pallet with little care, consideration or examination.

My youngest trees cost little more than a couple of gallons of diesel but they are propagated by skilled grafting, grown with dedicated care, and have a natural vigour that will get them off to the best start, while maximising the probability of a very long life. My trees don't come in boxes (see left) stacked 144 to a pallet....poor roots! poor trees !

When you order a tree online or via mail order you are doing so very much on trust. A Bramley's Seedling apple tree looks pretty much the same in any nursery brochure and of course it's often accompanied by a picture of the relevant fruit looking its best. When you order from my nursery, it will be me who selects it for you, where it was grown, and I will do so as if I was purchasing the tree. That is why I have some customers who have been ordering trees from me since I started the nursery thirty years ago, and why other customers children occasionally contact me to tell me how the tree their Father planted years ago is doing.....Is it really thirty years?  I'm afraid so! Over that time Its become such a way of life that I've started to question whether the job found me rather than vice versa!

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